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In addition to being a leading general contractor, Terstep Company Inc also specializes in industrial service and maintenance.  Utilizing our staff of highly skilled and trained union carpenters and laborers, Terstep is prepared to offer your company the service that you require to keep your facility operating smoothly and efficiently.  We can do everything from simple painting and cleaning to equipment setting, custom fabrication, new construction, building renovations and machinery maintenance.

Led by our veteran union superintendents and supported by our office staff we are prepared to work with your company’s management team to insure quality work in a timely fashion.  Our skilled staff understands the importance of working with, and in some cases, around your staff, all in an effort to minimize your companies down time and possible production loss, which will of course, save your company money. 

There is no project too big or too small, with Terstep’s collective experience and 40 year history, if we can do it, it cant be done.

 Contact us today for an on site evaluation and to further discuss what we can do for you.